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Kalobje, Rifnik, Resevna

Responsible for the content: Robi Lavin, Local Community of Šentjur Rifnik and Aci Urbajs. Ministry of Agriculture and Environment is the managing authority for the Rural Development Programme of the Republic of Slovenia for the period 2007/15. Project ''Geomancy of Kalobje, Rifnik, Resevna - KRRES Geomancy'' is co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, Leader - LAG ''From Bohor to Pohorje''.

How did we begin?

When we got together in the Old house, that was in 2010, we mentioned names of the hills  we're coming from: Kalobje, Rifnik, RESevna.  This is how KRRES came into existance. We formed a trade mark for our products with EKO or Demeter certificate. In 2013 we started another project called KRRES Geomancy. We implemented our group of farmers with artists, environmental researchers, landscapers ... under the supervision of Karin and Robi Lavin we confirmed the assumption that the space between Kalobje, Rifnik and RESevna resembles to a holistic landscape organ. We discovered a cave of millstones, enriched it with cosmograms and altered it into a natural temple - Snake Valley cave. To better understand our past we connected to the local museums with an intension to find our purpose of time and place.

Initiator and a free farmer                                          

Aci Urbajs

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Project KRRES Geomancy holds various ethno and eco meetings and events.



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